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Dive into the formative moments of your characters life!

A History of Moments is a unique game where you explore the life of your character from a running or upcoming  campaign and collaboratively explore their background with another player. You zoom into those moments that made them who they are and explore the places, persons and events that shaped your character.

A History of Moments is a game of collaborative character design with two players. One player embodies a character that they either are or will be playing in another campaign, while the other player injects tension and complications into that character's most meaningful memories. Together you explore your character's history while at the same time taking the first steps of characterization and embodiment. By playing out your characters formative memories you will deepen your understanding of them before even playing the first session of the campaign.

What happened that winter in the village you grew up in? Did your scoundrel shoot first when backed up against the wall? How did you escape the undead before hitting the road on you motorcycle? What was said in that last, fleeting meeting with your teenage love?

What this game gets you:

  • A unique way to create and flesh out a character's background by actually playing them
  • An  easy-to-learn and rewarding system of scene interaction that will get you a number of pivotal moments to base your characters background around.
  • A powerful collaborative dynamic between two players, with one in charge of their character and the other bringing tension to their story.
  • A hundred prompts that will spark your creativity and get you off to a running start!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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A History of Moments is a collaborative character designer for two players, where you get to create and/or flesh out a character for an RPG campaign.