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Ash falls upon a dying world, abandoned by dead gods. You wake alone, forsaken, and wander a place once familiar. A perilous and ruinous world lies ahead, its shadows hiding twisted enemies and strange friends. Rapture lies beyond, denied to those forsaken, and with sword or foul magic you seek the keys to unlock it. To you, this ashen world was bequethed, this Dead Reign.

Dead Reign is a sublime fantasy setting that lets you into a desolate world filled with abandoned ruins and strange wanderers. It is compatible with the award-winning Mörk Borg RPG and easily translated into other OSR systems. Dead Reign is a world of melancholy beauty abandoned by the gods. Ten illustrated locations comes with rich and malleable lore, alongside random tables of exciting NPCs, treasure and more.

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Inside Dead Reign

Ten locations, each beautifully illustrated by JN Butler, will let you explore a sublime world of abandoned ruins, dark passages and foreboding castles. Another 17 locations described with a light touch, ready to be fleshed out by a GM in need of inspiration.

  • Delve into the crypts of The Church of the Hammer.
  • Explore the abandoned houses of The Alms Plaza.
  • Walk the cavernous halls of Castle Abyss.
  • Follow the footsteps of the petrified procession up to The Hill of the Howled Prayer.
  • Scour the foul waterways of the Canals of Woe.
  • Rummage through the treasures of the dead at Pallbearer’s Crossing.
  • Visit the Field of Ontor and walk with the shrouded Pyrekeepers.
  • Stalk through the shadowy Darkwell Park and gaze upon the Everlight Wells
  • Follow the treacherous path up to the sheer cliff upon which Seer’s Peak stands.
  • Walk along the The Painted Wall and hear the whispered secrets the murals contain.

Dead Reign contains 20 random tables and 7 new enemies that will inspire you, provide encounters, and plot hooks. Rare items, dangerous foes, and fascinating NPCs will make running the game easy and prep-less. Every table contains subtle lore about the world of Dead Reign that will provide background and incentive to explore. They can be easily dropped into any running campaign, even set outside the Dead Reign world.

Dead Reign will provide inspiration for campaigns of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder or any other fantasy setting. While compatible with Mörk Borg, the content within is easily dropped into any world for a touch of sublime melancholy and stark desolation.


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

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Hi, how many pages does Dead Reign have?

Hi! It's 62 pages in an A5 format.


Firstly looks awesome!

Without sounding like a downer. Won't the name of the project conflict with the famous zombie RPG of the same name made by Palladium?