Lightweight Viking Age hack for Blades in the Dark
Ett steg in i en blek och öde värld där gudarna dött. En världsbok för Mörk Borg och andra OSR-spel.
A sublime and bleak supplement set in a ruined world after the death of the gods. Compatible with Mörk Borg or any OSR.
A hack of the BitD Recovery system
A game of collaborative storytelling where you dive into the history of your character.
An RPG about memories and friendship
You set out to save the world, but you failed. A game about reflection and dealing with failure.
A new custom playbook for Blades in the Dark. Play a crew of reckless Drivers with a spark-craft vehicle.
A Mörk Borg dungeon set in a sorority house targeted by a killer!
A custom playbook for the roleplaying game Blades in the Dark